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Miami Gliders is South Florida's premier site for glider flight training.
Located just 45 minutes South of Miami and on your way to the Florida Keys or Everglades National Park. Our seasoned staff brings the knowledge and the professionalism you expect from aviation professionals. We are FAA certified pilots and flight instructors committed to safety, excellence, and FUN! We truly enjoy what we do here at Miami Gliders and we welcome you to come and enjoy the experience of soaring like the birds above the South Florida landscape.


Instructional Rides

Discover the fun and excitement of glider flying! Soaring like the birds on a magnificent glider. Your experienced flight instructor will introduce you to flying like you've never flown before. You'll even have the opportunity to fly the glider yourself. Learn more...


Glider Training

There’s a good chance you’ll enjoy glider flying. Our instructors will prepare you for the FAA Private Pilot Certificate or Glider Add-On. Once you’re certified you can take your friends and family flying. Or enjoy some solo flying all on your own. You can even fly a more advanced glider. Learn more...


Airplane Training

Miami Gliders also offers flight training in our Cessna 172N that offers not only a cost effective training platform but an easy airplane to learn on. Equipped with Garmin GTN650, G5 PFD's and a dual axis autopilot. The Cessna 172 is a world renowned trainer and has made thousands of pilots dreams come true. Learn more...


Become a glider pilot

Becoming a glider pilot is among one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do. It opens a whole new world of possibilities. Once certified, your certificate is welcomed all over the world. You can join a glider race in Minden, Nevada or soaring the Swiss Alps. Learn more...


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